Overview of the major manufacturers of microwave ovens.

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    How to choose a microwave oven?

    Microwaves Samsung

    Microwave or microwave oven - machinery, without which modern housewife in the kitchen today is not enough. Maybe you do not want to cook in it some fine dining. But at least in order to quickly reheat soup yesterday, retaining all the properties it just made, or, for example, quickly defrost meat for meatballs - microwave is simply irreplaceable.

    Pros and cons.

    Of course, like any appliance, from microwave ovens have their drawbacks, but they are negligible: it is the extra expense of electricity and the need for a special place for her in the kitchen. But they seem quite insignificant when talking about the merits of the device. And this significant reduction in cooking time and reheating food, not to mention thawing, and the ability to cook healthy meals with a minimum of fat without using extra dishes, and ease of use and, of course, safety. This is especially important if the microwave oven is often uses, e.g., in the absence of the student parents.

    LG Microwave Ovens

    By the way, if you're going to buy this kitchen appliance and want to save money at the same time, it is important to immediately determine for what purposes will be used microwave. If only for heating food, you can buy a budget model with minimal features. That will be quite enough. If you intend to use it, they say, to complete the program, we recommend that you pay attention to more expensive devices. But here you can try to save.

    With or without grill.

    So, there are several types of microwave ovens: grill, without it (solo) and combined. Whether you need a grill? Decide for yourself! Grill - is a heating element for frying food. Think immediately in your head there is the phrase "grilled chicken." Yes, chicken, perhaps, is that often grilled. Not only. On the grill you can cook a huge amount of delicious food, even crusty bread. You may have noticed that the grill is "movable" or stationary. This depends on the type and form of the spiral. TENovyh with heating element inside the helix can be moved through the furnace (it depends on the size of the dish), but it consumes more energy. But quartz (hard wire in a quartz tube) is more economical, but still attached.

    Panasonic Microwaves

    If you want your product and still had a nice crispy crust, you should definitely buy a microwave oven with the convention - a kind of internal fan, which will blow the food. A good example of such models microwaves Panasonic NN-CS596S or Gorenje GMO23ORA-ITO. Of course, if you have a good oven, perhaps, microwave with grill and convention is not so, and you need it. Except that in one case - if you want to increase the time of cooking.

    Type of control.

    Also, for ease of use, you can choose the oven with touch control. Excellent model - Bosch HMT84G421. If this is for you and not particularly important, the mechanical control (usually it's only two modes) will help save even some of the funds. Especially the mechanics, though cheap, but, according to experts, the most reliable type of navigation. You can also choose a microwave, where switching is performed using the buttons. But they are much more expensive devices with mechanical control, as most have a display.

    Microwaves Bosch

    And the last thing you should look for when buying a microwave oven is a type of internal coating. At the time of cooking and the quality of the finished dish is often not affected, but care still covers different. The most common and cheapest of them is the enamel. Care it is minimal. But it is very fragile and not very durable. Why not tell about stainless steel - and can withstand the highest temperature, and has an attractive appearance. The only downside - on stainless steel is very difficult to maintain the high gloss finish. And the most expensive of all - it is antibacterial or bioceramic coating. It is durable, holds heat for a long time and requires minimal maintenance. But expensive. Oven with bioceramic coating will be worth it by no means cheap.

    Is it worth it to pay for the extra features - you decide. Remember, microwave - this is the kitchen appliances, which will become an irreplaceable assistant in your kitchen, even if has the fewest options. After it you will always have hot flavored dinner.


    Microwave Samsung ME-712MR
    Samsung ME-712MR

    Microwave LG MF-6549SFS
    LG MF-6549SFS

    Microwave Bosch HMT72M420
    Bosch HMT72M420

    Microwave Whirlpool MWD 308 WH
    Whirlpool MWD 308 WH

    Microwave Panasonic NN-SD372S
    Panasonic NN-SD372S

    Microwave Sharp R-242BK-E
    Sharp R-242BK-E

    Microwave SUPRA MWG-2231SS
    SUPRA MWG-2231SS

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